Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Dharavi, Mumbai, India

  1. The typical pan stained staircase of Vaibhav Society being cleaned and whitewashed by the residents themselves.

  2. An approximately four thousand sq.ft. dumping ground being converted into a garden—one of the rare spots of greenery in Dharavi.

  3. 15 sacks containing food grains, clothes and vessels being sent to Gujarat from the residents of Dharavi as aid after the Bhuj earthquake.
  4. Inspired residents taking up the Art of Living Advanced Courses! These people were so sincere in maintaining their silence, which is an essential part of the Advanced course, that they voluntarily walked forty five minutes each way to avoid communicating even with a bus conductor!
  5. Alcoholics and tobacco addicts giving up life-long habits!
  6. And, of course, the founding of the SSRVM School which was covered in leading afternoon dailies such as Mid-day and Afternoon.

“Just information is not education. It is our ability to perceive things better. It is culturing our behaviour and attitude. Perception, observation and expression – these three aspects of education have to be improved.”

-- H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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