Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Dharavi, Mumbai, India

At the very least we need to ensure that the children, who have started school with us, can sustain themselves.

First, this means providing a thorough secondary certificate. For this we need many more classrooms. In Dharavi, the main problem is land, land, land. Well, now we have identified it. We just need the funds to acquire it.

Second, we need a vocational guidance centre. Let’s face it: degrees are a dime a dozen. Graduates abound. But are they employable? Independent? Self-sustaining? Dignified?

“Respectful and playful, disciplined yet naughty. The students of SSRVM Dharavi have it all. Their potential should reap wonders. Being with them is fun! I sometimes wonder if I give to the children even half of what they give me.”

-- Rohan Bhansali, Volunteer and Investment Banker, J. P. Morgan Chase
Our dream is to set up a vocational centre that will train the youth from our school in different creative arenas. They will be equipped to earn their livelihood and inspired to make a difference.
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