Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Dharavi, Mumbai, India

We would love to have you on board! There are several ways that you can be a part of our team.

You may:
  1. Volunteer your time: Please contact our Principal, Shubhangi Karvir at skarvir@yahoo.com or 098333 91819.
  2. Contribute in kind: Please take a look at our immediate requirements.
  3. Share your wealth: Please take a look at our Target below. And remember, what goes around, comes around! So act on your good intentions and Contribute Now!
  4. For Corporate contributions contact: niyati.kala@apexprogram.org or 09920489657

“The irony of this wonderful seva is that I discover the other dimension to a beautiful life and in the bargain end up learning more than my contribution.”

-- Jaishank Gupta, Volunteer and Financial Planner
The Target: 7 crores + Running Expenses

Many invisible hands (and pockets!) have shaped the lives of Dharavi’s children. We were able to acquire a permanent space for our existing classes, simply through the contributions of individuals like you. One by one, people contributed and we raised the 130 lakh rupees (USD 325,000) required to purchase 4 classrooms. Thanks to them we could sustain what we had built over five long years.

Now, we look to you to fulfil our Vision a high school and vocational guidance college, to see these children through. 14,000 square feet to be purchased at Rs. 5000 (USD 125) a square foot, so we can acquire the land and construct the buildings. That’s a total of Rs. 7 crore (USD 1.75 million).

Seems daunting? Not to us. Because put in perspective, that’s the price of ONE fancy apartment in Mumbai, or Manhattan! And because every one, like you, intends to do good. That’s a potential pool of 6 billion contributors! So don’t be overwhelmed, just do your bit. Remember The Starfish Story!
We believe in these children. They believe in themselves. You CAN be a part of their success. Contribute NOW!

Immediate Requirements

What We Need in Kind:

Tubelights – 24
Ceiling fans – 12
Big Black boards – 3
Tables – 3
Desks – 200 desks

On a regular basis (yearly) we require:
100 pages single line books – 1000
200 pages single line books – 1000
200 pages square line books – 1000
200 pages four line books – 1000
Pencils – 1000
Erasers – 1000
Sharpeners – 200
School bags – 200
Stationery expense (monthly) – 5000/- for worksheets
Uniforms – 225 per child
Extra curricular activities – track pant and T shirt – 350/- per child
Aquaguard water filter – 32,000/-
Bus facility from sion station
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